Wedding Fireworks – Find The Best Products for Wedding or Party

Prepare some special products for your unique wedding, which will bring you unexpected and unforgettable effects. The following products are used for weddings, including confetti, sparkler, smoke and fountain.

Confetti Cannon

Wedding Celebration Confetti Cannon

Size: 12″ to 32″
Materials: Strong Paper Tube(2.5mm) Paper/Metallic Confetti Iron Bottom Paper Surfuce Package(Custom,OEM)
Confetti Shapes: Slips/Round/Streamers/Rose Petals/Heart/Snow/Bite, Pumpkin/Butterfly/Pentagram/Sponge ball/Customized
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stage spark machine

Cold Spark Machine

The Cold Spark Machine emits cold sparks which are not subject to catching fire. This device is not pyrotechnics but a simulated pyrotechnic experience.
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wedding heart sparkler

Heart Sparklers

The heart shaped sparklers for weddings are the most romantic sparkler anywhere. Shaped like hearts, they are more elegant than any other option. It almost smokeless, bright gold, and have easy light tips. They are perfect for using at weddings and receptions!
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