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  • Alabama Pyrotechnics Guild (APG)
  • Alliance of Special Effects and Pyrotechnic Operators (ASEPO)
    Where Art Meets Science
  • American Pyrotechnic Association (APA)
    The APA is the premier trade association of the fireworks industry and was founded in 1948 with three principle aims: To encourage safety in the design and use of all types of fireworks. To provide industry information and support to our members. To promote responsible regulation of the fireworks industry.
  • Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild, Inc. (BPG)
    to promote safe pyrotechnics and encourage displays through talented people by design, production and high quality pyrotechnics by example from the sharing of knowledge.
  • The Canadian Fireworks Association
    The Canadian Fireworks Association ACP (CFA/ACP) is an association focused on increasing the knowledge and safety of fireworks in the industry and the public at large. To educate our members and the public we conductannual conventions where Firework users from across the country come together to learn, keep up with the latest practices, and share ideas for the future.
  • The Crackerjacks
    to exercise and enjoy our legal right to purchase, construct, and shoot fireworks.
  • Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association (HPAA)
    Strives to provide an environment where members can practice their art and share their knowledge.
  • International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE)
    Professional technical society which encourages research and education in field of energetics (pyrotechnics).
  • Iowa Pyrotechnic Association (IPA)
    A non-profit fellowship founded in 1992 for the advancement of safety, skill, and artistry in fireworks through communication and for their preservation in Iowa and throughout America.
  • Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians (KCAP)
    Fireworks enthusiasts in the Kansas City, Missouri area can pool their resources, share their knowledge and experience and shoot legally far more often than just on the Fourth of July.
  • Kansas Fireworks Association (KFA)
    active group of firework friendly businesses organized to promote the safe and continued use of consumer fireworks.
  • La Crosse Skyrockers, Inc.
    volunteer fireworks club formed in 1929. Operates the New Year’s Eve fireworks shows from atop 590 foot Grandad’s Bluff.
  • Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild (MPAG)
    Open to all fireworks enthusiasts, including non-Michiganders. Club events are held several times a year. We now offer PGI shooter certification training courses.
  • Mid-Atlantic Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MAPAG)
    MAPAG is a builders club. We have facilities for drying shells and stars, a 50 x 25 work shop, a new 40 foot magazine with ATF legal storage for all members (not just contingency storage), and MAPAG meets every month. While MAPAG will have displays, they will be all member made.
  • Midland Pyrotechnic Association (MPA)
    A geographically diverse multi-state club with members from South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. They host weekend shoots throughout the year at several locations in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. During these events MPA members are able to manufacture and shoot fireworks in a safe and legal setting.
  • Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MOPyro)
    Membership is open to anyone who wants to join a fun and information filled fireworks club.
  • National Fireworks Association (NFA)
    Organization composed of individuals and companies dedicated to the safe use of fireworks.
  • New Hampshire Pyrotechnic Association, Inc. (NHPA)
    the North East’s largest fireworks club, dedicated to the safe, artful and legal use of pyrotechnics.
  • Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group (NEOPG)
    NEOPG is a group of pyrotechnic enthusiasts, located in Northeast Ohio with members from across the state and the country. They encourage and promote the legal, safe and artful use of pyrotechnics. NEOPG meet several times throughout the year to teach, learn and practice their art, enjoy the fellowship of our members and to promote the individual goals of their members in the pyrotechnic arts.
  • Northern Lighter Pyrotechnics, Inc. (NLP)
    a non-profit corporation formed for the purposes of promoting the safety, skill and artistry in pyrotechnics through education, research and providing the public with opportunities to enjoy well presented firework displays.
  • Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club (NLPC)
    Our mission is to promote the safe and legal use of fireworks by enthusiasts who are passionate about the pyrotechnic arts.
  • Northwest Pyrotechnics Association (NPA)
    Formed in late 2010, the NPA is the culmination and determination of various northwest groups/professionals and the successor to the NorthWest Pyrotechnic Arts Association (NWPAA). In many ways, the NPA and NWPAA are one in the same. We hope to bring back what was an active community, share our knowledge through educational classes and hands-on activities.
  • Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (OPAG)
    A nonprofit association of fireworks professionals, apprentices, individuals and enthusiasts.
  • Pyrotechnic Artists, Inc.
    Meetings in PA. A non-profit hobbyist club for amateur & professional fireworks enthusiasts.
  • Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas
    Assistance in obtaining licenses in Texas. We train in shooting safely in Display & Consumer fireworks.
  • Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc. (PGI)
    latest guild news, fireworks graphics archive, safety guide, and yearly sites for the spectacular PGI conventions.
  • Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild (RMPG)
    PGI Shooters Safety Certification Course and Indoor/Proximate Courses. Organized to promote the safe and artistic use of fireworks.
  • Salt Lake Area Pyros (SLAP)
    Their focus is promoting the safe use and handling of fireworks, and encouraging the talented people within the group to enhance their displays.
  • Texas Pyrotechnic Association
    The legislative effort to combat the prohibition of the legal use of fireworks and other anti-fireworks legislation.
  • Utah Pyrotechnics Association (UPA)
    Dedicated to the advancement of safety, skill, and artistry in pyrotechnics.
  • Western Pyrotechnic Association (WPA)
    West coast-based organization for pyrotechnic hobbyists and professionals across the world. Includes information on the Winter Blast. Email:
  • Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (WPAG)
    The WPAG holds at least four meetings/shoots a year in various locations throughout Wisconsin. We also offer shooter training using the PGI’s Display Fireworks Shooter Certification course.

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